Time Management for Swimming Coaches

By Time Slot

January 27, 2018

If you’ve struggled to effectively manage the practice time, private sessions, and administrative tasks required with coaching you’re not alone! This guide on how to properly use time management for swimming coaches is nearly everything you need to know to take control of your time.

The training schedules required for swimmers are extensive and the time consumed isn’t just by the players. Managing your time is just as difficult as your swimmers, so don’t lose sight of all of the important tasks at hand!

Balance and Prioritizing

One of the best things that you as a coach can do is to begin instilling a sense of balance in your players. Particularly if you are coaching a young age group at any point in your day. Being the example of peak prioritization and steady balance is one of your jobs.

Use methods like time-blocking (the pomodoro technique), and urgent repetition to not only make your time during practice more effective but your players too! Urgent repetition is quickly coming into the same realm as the pomodoro technique and is a great option for those who don’t enjoy time blocking.

Within an hour practice or one-on-one, private, session you can accomplish more than just warm-ups and working with the pace clock. Rotating between starting positions, paces, and strokes can be done strategically. Giving a balance to these tasks and prioritizing for what your team needs can save you time.

But, working with a sense of balance and priority can also keep your clients around. Clients or the swimmer’s parents often stick with coaches who provide more than just instruction. Using this time management technique is giving your swimmers an example to live by, and skills they can take with them through various parts of life.


Never underestimate the good use of an assistant coach and even your team’s captain. Setting aside five or ten minutes before each practice to build the knowledge of your assistant coach will break you free to move around more during practice. This is especially true if you are practicing with a team rather than one client.

Assistant coaches and team captains can quickly develop the skills necessary to run players against a pace clock and supervise safety standards on diving. Although you will still be nearby, having these two tasks off your shoulders can allow you to better use the time you have with swimmers who need development in other areas.

Technology Can Be Your Friend!

With recent developments of fully waterproof devices you can comfortably bring your phone or tablet into the pool area with you. Use apps to track your players times and speeds rather than the old pen and paper method. This makes capturing important data easier and it can give you a lot more to discuss with each client individually.

Clients that you can have candid conversations with regarding their growth and development opportunities will keep them coming back and booking more appointments.

Finally, check out an app like Time Slot Pro. The administrative duties of a coach can be tedious and overwhelming as it quickly builds up. But, with Time Slot Pro you can allow your clients to book their own appointments at times that are convenient for you. This app also has features so your clients can pay you directly for training sessions. Imagine what you can do without time spent bent over a day planner or hand-writing out invoices!

Better time management eventually leads to more bookings, and an increase in client satisfaction. As you pass on all of the skills you have and your players begin to pick up on your example they become easier to work with as well!

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