Time Management for Snowboarding Coaches

By Time Slot

January 22, 2018

Snowboarding coaches struggle with having to manage both sessions with experienced riders that are working to compete or race and also inexperienced riders who are just learning. The mental stress of switching between these two extremes can be exhausting, but now factor in how you need to be moving from different practice areas and taking care of all of your other duties too.

How can you improve your time management skills? Here are tips, tricks and a time slot booking web app to improve your time management!

Be a Teacher First to Spend More Time Coaching

While younger riders can pick up easily because they’re living for the fun of it, adult riders have another hurdle to overcome. Humility, because no one looks great snowboarding, especially if they’re inexperienced. So you now have to help an adult, teen or child cross the bridge of looking stupid in order to build a foundation for quality snowboarding.

Working as a teacher before any session for ten or fifteen minutes can help you make all of your future sessions with this client much easier. Through the first few sessions don’t ask for your client to ask questions, if you tell they are getting frustrated you can always back off.

How do you make this part of your time management? Use a specific time frame for questions and teaching, then move on to coaching. This time management technique allows you to control your sessions and build your clients. It is also a method to improving your client’s satisfaction by ensuring that they are getting more than just basic instruction from you.

Book More On Quality Days

That’s right; you have a sport that is entirely dependent on weather conditions which can be frustrating! If you have scheduled lessons on a day that is rumored to be less than favorable, contact your client about working on routine off the snow if they are intending to compete. While this clearly won’t benefit client’s that are new to snowboarding and excited to get on a run, your experienced riders understand the use of coaching off the mountain.

When you have a fresh dump of wonderful snow in your area start boosting yourself through social media to bring in new clients. You can use an app like Buffer to get the word out to all of your social media accounts at once. Saving you time on posting, and increasing your bookings!

Use Technology to Book More and Increase Client Satisfaction

Apps and software exist to help you throughout your business ventures. When you’re booking sessions it can be a strain on your time during the day (odds are you’re not taking these calls at night) and you can end up spending more time on the phone than on the snow.

Web Apps such as Time Slot Pro can help you and your client have a better experience with private snowboarding sessions.

The time slot booking web app delivers an easy to use calendar where your clients can go in and book appointments. No more hours spent on the phone or checking through endless emails to see if anyone booked through a website service. Your clients can also pay through the app which means more security for you and them!

Time Block to Stay on Track

When you are working through a session, segment your client into a routine. So, take fifteen minutes to stretch and check the safety of their equipment with them. Then spend fifteen minutes on leading your rider behind you in a slow but progressive manner. However you continue your practices, allow each task to only have about twenty minutes. This will keep your rider on their toes and allow you to make your practice time more effective. All of these build up to high client satisfaction and repeat bookings!

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