Time Management Tips and Tricks for Business Professionals

By Time Slot

January 2, 2018

The efforts of time management are often put into focus on finding more time. But many business professionals know that time management is more about being effective and efficient than finding more hours in the day. How can you do this?

Time Logging

If you are in management, work as a small business owner, or even just want to improve your time management as an employee, it all starts with time logging.

Knowing where your time is currently spent allows you to identify these important aspects of your behavior:

  1. Which times of day you are most efficient
  2. What tasks are a time-suck
  3. Which tasks aren’t producing results

If you can identify through time logging that eighteen percent of your day is spent in meetings, it can be next week’s goal to take that down to thirteen percent. Just the same, if you see that you are spending twenty-minutes at the end of your day to set up for tomorrow, but it takes you fifteen minutes to get going in the morning then that twenty-minutes is wasted.


How can you log your time for data tracking purposes? While Excel is great you don’t want to waste time setting up a log and tweaking it every so often when these programs already exist.

Toggl is an app that you can use on your computer to track what time you’re spending on which projects. Toggl is customizable so you can add “checking email” as a “project” just the same as you can add “new product launch.” There aren’t very many limitations and the data it generates is very easy to read. It builds charts and graphs that explain where your time is going.

Time Slot Pro

Want a quick and easy way for clients to book your time? Use Time Slot Pro and without a single call, text or email, your clients can book and pay for your time. No more time wasted playing phone tag or texting back and forth while you each check you calendars. Improve the efficiency of your schedule and booking process with the app by Time Slot Pro.

Learn to Say “No” to Time Wasters

Now that you’ve identified your time wasters through logging, or maybe you already knew where you were wasting time, you can start saying “No”. Business professionals can find it hard to turn down meetings, webinars, and conference calls they just don’t usually give you enough information for the time you’re spending.

When you’re learning to say no, keep in mind how you value your time. If you’re questioned about why you are turning down a meeting, or another opportunity that you’ve identified as a time waster feel free to explain yourself. Allowing the other individual to know that your time is strategically devoted to projects that require your attention will often quiet the person requesting you to renegotiate your time.

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

Particularly as a business professional you are often surrounded by competent people who are ready to work. Use your team to accomplish the tasks that need to be done.

Any person who is excellent at time management will tell you, you can’t do everything yourself. This is where the line is drawn that there is simply not enough time in the day. However, navigating time management with delegating tasks to your team members or employees will enable more projects to be completed and with greater quality! It also means less stress for you, which means your time also sees an increase in quality as you’re not rushed.

Focus on Actions

Time management exists in three realms: concept, conversation, and action. Many business professionals understand the concept, and enjoy conversation about time management but can never get to the action.

Talking in itself is often a time waste. Use your time wisely and focus on accomplishing tasks that are tangible and deliver results. Throughout your day stop and ask yourself this question:

“What will completing what I’m working on right now give me, or my team?” If it isn’t something tangible, move on.

Overall, business professionals can be wonderful at executing time management techniques. Use these time management tips and tricks for business professionals to make the most of your day!

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