Time Management for Personal Trainers

By Time Slot

December 29, 2017

Whether you’re new to personal training or you’ve been a personal training coach for years, odds are you are too familiar with the struggle of time management. Any fitness professional has a lot of different tasks to consistently juggle. But, it isn’t just managing your time effectively; it’s managing your client’s time too. Here are our tips, and techniques for time management for personal trainer coaches!

Make Your Clients Want to Build Habits

Just as you have your own fitness habits that you love, and maybe some you don’t, your clients need that system also. You likely aren’t side-by-side with them every time they hit the gym but each booked session is an opportunity for you to help them build meaningful fitness habits. Use the most of your time with each client by eliminating the distraction of trying to manage your booking calls. Using a scheduling and booking app like TimeSlot.Pro allows your clients to book themselves right off of your calendar with minimal effort.

That’s what you’re here for right?

Here are some methods for keeping your clients organized until they have their own habits:

  • Help your client install a rep counting app, or timer. RepCount is a great app, and Voice Workout Rep Counter is, you guessed it, voice activated. By using it with your client during sessions, they can see the benefits during coaching.
  • Set out a regular warm-up and cool-down routine and don’t deviate. Although your clients want diversity in their sessions booked with you, a steady routine for the beginning and end can be a significant habit for their development.
  • “Begin with the End in Mind” a tried and true method of Steven Covey, time management expert. This is a habit your clients, and you, can use in every aspect of life.

Ask your clients to start with a goal for the day, and then aim each activity to work up towards that goal.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

We are all so busy and while technology seems to be a double edged sword it is definitely worth the frustration of setup and management.

Use technology with these benefits in mind:

  1. Expose yourself to potential new clients (Try the Buffer app)
  2. Encourage current clients, and remind them to book their next session (With the Buffer app, or WordPress if you have a personal fitness blog)
  3. Expand your bubble, by understanding your target market better. (Social media promotions)
  4. Plan and allow your clients to see the benefits of planning. (Try Attracker)
  5. Decrease administrative work with invoicing or payment apps. (Use Time Slot Pro or Paymo!)

That short list can delegate a ton of your time out; which means more time is available to book with clients. Technology is becoming synonymous with more freedom and better bookings.

Take Advantage of Time to Reinforce Challenging Training Methods

Most people who come to personal trainers know they’re in for a challenging experience. Most personal trainer coaches know this and deliver with flair for the best results!

How can you keep this up though and keep your clients booking future appointments? Raise the bar every time. Even if your client is still struggling in one area, giving a challenge in another area can motivate them to up their game.

Time management techniques that you probably already use can be made available to your clients. Instill behaviors like time blocking, rep counting, and goal setting. Goal setting can definitely be among the most difficult to teach. Take the time to explain how you set your personal goals, but also what is reasonable for your client.

Using this personalization in each session will not only help your bookings with potential new clients by spreading the word of your great coaching. This time will also work towards your clients returning as they learn they’re getting more out of a session than someone teaching them new training techniques.

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