Time Management for Lacrosse Coaches

By Time Slot

December 29, 2017

Time management for lacrosse coaches has a slightly different spread than what coaches of other sports experience. Unlike football or baseball often the basic knowledge set is completely non-existent for new players.

Lacrosse coaches must manage their time between teacher and coach then step into another role preparing players for the time between practices.
This is asking a lot of a single person, but you are different! Why?
Because you’re looking for ways to manage your time and how to do so in a way that benefits you’re coaching. So here we go!

Plan for Downtime

Every practice session, one-on-one session or even game has downtime. So what are your players doing during this time? What are you doing during this time?

During practice sessions split your team to rotate between warm-ups and drills. This will keep everyone on their toes; the talkers separated, and give more opportunity for team bonding as these groups rotate.

But what about during games?

A lot of lacrosse is about understanding the controlled chaos on the field. During games utilize the time of anyone sitting out to keep count of which players are best or worst at cradling, passing, and shooting.

This will train the eye of your players that aren’t actively in the game.
This can also be employed during practices if you divide your group.

Use Time Management to Challenge Your Players

Lacrosse is a physical sport that incentivizes assertive action. As a lacrosse coach, you’ve been gifted with players that usually look for a new challenge. Keep this spirit up by using practice sessions or one-on-one bookings to give your players goals.

This not only manages their time as a player in how they spend their time practicing between sessions but also helps you manage time during sessions to help each player reach the challenge you’ve set out for them. Even better if they’ve set the challenge out themselves.

Coaching Players on Time Management

Instructing players on techniques like time blocking and habit building will allow your players to better understand how your practices are planned out and managed as well. Through this, you are enabling your players to get the most out of their own time between sessions, whether it’s just a few minutes of wall ball or practicing with a friend.

Apps for Time Tested Time Management Techniques

For lacrosse coaches the juggling between the players, one-on-one sessions being booked, regular team practices and games there seems to be no time for anything else.

How do you take control of your day?

Plan Your Day – All of It

Using an app like Time Slot Pro that syncs with your phone’s calendar, you can be sure that all of you’re getting ample notice for your scheduled appointments. Then break down the time between scheduled sessions to keep space available for more one-on-one practice sessions, or office hours for player or parent questions.

This will use a zero-balance time management method. Rather than scheduling your day with to-do items you are left with small windows of opportunity to accomplish anything other than your appointments. It is a tried and true method for many coaches since there are just too many tasks to schedule throughout your day.

Apps to Make Your Client’s Life Easier

What if your clients could book one-on-one time with you without having to call you or the club you are working with? What if your clients could pay you with their card through their phone when it was convenient for them? Wouldn’t that be great not having to do all of the administrative work for yourself?

Apps like Time Slot Pro is an option to take some of the administrative work off of your desk. This means your players get more quality time with you, and you can keep more spots open to book more sessions!

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