Why Should Time Management Be Important to You?

By Time Slot

January 22, 2018

Time management is the most basic actualization of balancing a finite product and an endless demand. So we innately know and understand that yeah, it’s important. But time management is one of those things we don’t really have time for, ironically enough.

The fact of the matter is that while there are 24 hours in a day, you’re only working through maybe 14 of them. After factoring in sleep, eating and getting prepared for the day, you start to realize that the 24 hour day system is really broken. But once your time is spent, you can’t ever get it back. Time management is all about taking advantage of the time you have. It builds through challenges, and awareness to instill a focus on using your time effectively. Here is why time management should be important to you.

Feel More Fulfilled

The misconception is that being busy means you always feel rushed and don’t have time for anything but the rat race. The truth of time management is that the lists, and planners, and appointments work to fight those feelings. These give you the power to make decisions between choices that fit in line with your values.

Prioritize what Matters Most

If you hold your family as a priority in your value system, make them a priority in your time management. Being able to make decisions based on what matters the most to you should immediately make time management important to you. Functioning throughout your days having more control over how you spend your time isn’t meant to be restrictive. It is meant to be freeing and fulfilling.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Have you ever gotten that feeling of “oh yeah, who’s next?” when you finish a task? When you utilize time management tools, tips, and techniques you can get that feeling consistently. Then build that sense of accomplishment into momentum to complete tasks that you would rather avoid.

Naturally Boost your Energy

Your energy levels get a natural boost when you control how your time is spent. Why would time management be important to your energy levels? On a most basic level, you increase your level of endorphins which is a natural energy boost!

Calm, Collected and Hyper-Efficient

Using time management skills, and working on personal development, works to eliminate unnecessary stress. When you can identify what areas of life are important enough to you to dedicate a good chunk of time to then your stress melts away.

Although you will still face a number of distractions and demanding people will always be around you can process it with greater confidence. Handling stressful situations with a cool and collected nature means you don’t panic. You can use every minute to accomplish the task at hand or handle the situation. Rather than panicking and stressing you are in the right place of mind to execute for the best possible outcome.

Increase in Efficiency

A natural benefit of having a cool and collected nature is the increase in efficiency. Since you’re not spending valuable time stressing or panicking you can work smarter. Without cutting corners, or trimming down your quality. Minimize your long work days and concentrate them down into hyper-efficient power hours.

Be More Decisive, On Purpose

That’s right. Time management gives you an awareness that will allow you to better understand your own decision-making skills. Shortly after using some of the long-loved time management techniques you will see yourself acting more quickly.

If you find yourself strapped for time, you are more likely to weigh each option objectively. Rather than using emotions to make the choice or jumping to conclusions you can effectively navigate a time destroying situation.

Decision-making is the primary key to success. Knowing what you want, how to get it, and how to do so efficiently all work together. These aspects all come together to show why time management should be important to you!

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