Time Management for Golf Coaches

By Time Slot

December 23, 2017

One of the many unique aspects of coaching golfing over any other sport is the high volume of one on one time you have with your clients. But if you feel like a session was less productive than it should have been I wouldn’t be looking at your client.

Time management can be just as difficult for coaches that have a lot of one-on-one time and golf coaching and management is no different!

Use these tried and true methods to ensure your clients are getting the most out of you, and that you’re booking your schedule fully!

Spend Your Time like a Businessperson: Command Your Schedule

Using technology instead of pen and paper allows you to always have a big picture view of your schedule for the day, month, and even year. It can also allow you to plan sessions down to the minute by data tracking your client’s performances on the course.

The old school method of scheduling through a planner also meant a lot of time spent on the phone with either your client or the third party booking your schedule to know where you needed to be and who you would be meeting there. This is a thing of the past. There are a ton of apps, or even your simple calendar app can take a load off your mind and give you reminders well ahead of time.

Don’t forget that you’re an entrepreneur in more than one sense. Your time is your most valuable asset and anything to give you more control over it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Use apps like Time Slot Pro, which allows your clients to book and pay through the app. This means that you are spending less time shuffling through paperwork or flipping through your calendar. Let technology take the administrative side so you can book more time slots with clients and eventually, make more money.

Buffer between Tasks with Appreciation

Working with a client can be taxing at times. We’ve all seen the pattern of the player becoming frustrated and then the coach has to reel them in.

  • This old back and forth with frustration isn’t going anywhere, but do you know the time it costs you during each practice?
  • How much time would you estimate you’ve spent walking your client through the same steps because they didn’t practice between sessions?
  • How much time do you think you’ve lost with a frustrated client who performed well eight out of ten swings but was too hard on themselves?

See, these minutes add up quickly. When you’re moving between tasks or warm-ups throughout your practice session take this time to acknowledge areas that they did well in. If you noticed they’d been practicing, say so! If you notice they haven’t, say that too!

Building confidence either in themselves or in your ability to communicate honestly can be done without a fully thought out conversation at the end of a session.

Eating the Frog

This is a long-standing time management system that works but is definitely not fun.
Do you find yourself layering your practice sessions with fundamentals you know this client enjoys and then building up to the less enjoyable tasks?

A lot of coaches take that technique. They fear clients will stop showing up for booked sessions because they know they have hard steps to work on. This isn’t a bad concept either because how practice sessions are timed can mean a lot for how many clients you book and your player’s satisfaction.

“What is the hardest part of golf for you?”

However, starting a session with the question:

“What is the hardest part of golf for you?” and then opening the practice session with a focus on that will accomplish the following:

  1. Involve the player in their development
  2. Allow the rest of the session to focus on areas that come easily or are more fun to the client.
  3. Assist you in opening a larger block of time for an area that needs development.

Controlling Time

Use these techniques to control your time. With a better grasp on how your time is spent during practice sessions can allow you to increase your client satisfaction and build your client base substantially. The goal is always to book as many sessions as your schedule can handle without overworking yourself or allowing your clients time with you to suffer.

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