Time Management Apps for Everyday Use

By Time Slot

December 31, 2017

These five apps can help you get the most time out of your day. The great thing about using apps to build your time management skills is that many work through user accounts rather than just on the information on the one device. So a new phone doesn’t mean that you can’t use all of the information you’ve already inputted.

Ready? Let’s go!


This miracle app is a wonder for task management. Although the initial setup seems like it’s only for project management there is a lot of flexibility in how you can use it.

MyLifeOrganized allows you to input an outline of what you’re trying to accomplish and then it gives you a list of action items to start working on. While it’s intuitive to only use this for projects you can easily put your standard day into an outline format. From waking up in the morning to winding down at the end of the day, let MyLifeOrganized make your to-do list for you.

Even better is how MyLifeOrgnized assigned each task a location. You can use locations like the garage, kitchen, store, work, and more. Spending the time customizing this app is what is really going to determine how useful it is to you.


It seems like everyone has given Evernote a chance, however how you set it up and how often you use it can make this app either a lifesaver or completely useless.

Evernote is a very simple app and online program that builds on notebooks, lists, and saved items. You can clip web pages you see online and add them to a correlating notebook. You can also schedule consistent reminders that have an attached to-do list. This comes in great for gym regulars who like to stick to a schedule!

Overall, Evernote is a great tool for time management as it brings everything you need into one place. For its best use, try to keep it organized from the start and take maybe fifteen minutes a month to clean up whatever you haven’t been using!

Time Slot Pro

Finally, for the business professionals, freelancers, or anyone who works with clients on a regular basis outside of their job, there is Time Slot Pro. This app lets your clients schedule their own appointments and lets you know when you need to be somewhere. Time Slot Pro also allows your clients to pay!

Use this app to eliminate time spent negotiating schedules between multiple clients, and keep your days simple.


This is a new app that uses time management to help you achieve your goals. Where this app saves you time is in finding you resources for what you’re attempting to accomplish. Then it also sets up goal plans for you!

Remente reaches past standard time management of finding lost time or using timers to make you try to boost your productivity. This app uses mood tracking in conjunction with your goals to help you locate where you are most efficient and effective. Being more effective with your time means less time spent between tasks or changing your focus.

Focus Booster

Unlike Remente or MyLifeOrganized, Focus Booster eliminates all the tracking of data and settles for the simple. With Focus Booster all of the excesses are eliminated and everything is set on timers. Instead of looking at the big picture of an overwhelming to-do list you only see what is right in front of you.

This app is great for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. Instead of using a giant to-do list, work in small twenty-minute bursts to accomplish one thing at a time. At the end of your day, you will realize how efficient you are with your time and how you spent it wisely moving from one task to another.

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