Five Popular Time Management Tools

By Time Slot

December 31, 2017

If you are looking around for tips, tricks, and techniques for time management, here are five more tools to aid you in your day to day activities. Explore these apps, software, and time-tested techniques to better control and manage your day.

1. Time Slot Pro

Running a business is stressful. The Time Slot Pro app allows you to create types of time slot events, enter time slots on a calendar and share them for clients to book and pay. Anyone who is booking their own appointments or setting up payments knows that this can be a time consuming activity in itself. Much less if someone has to reschedule or update a payment method.

Time Slot Pro makes it easy for your clients to book time slots with you, and pay. This means you have more time to book and less time spent stressing over an appointment book or invoices!

2. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an app that alerts you of your habits, then helps you eliminate the time-suckers from your day. After installing this app you setup your categories and start logging your time. While it does require you to log your time, the data you receive is valuable beyond measure!

There is not a better step forward in proper time management than learning to eradicate the unnecessary. When you realize where you are wasting time you can start challenging yourself to shorten those activities or stop them altogether.

Email is a big time waste that many people spend hours on! If you find yourself checking your email too often, log it in Time Rescue to see how much more time you could have had to do something that is important to you.

3. My Life Organized

This is the last app covered here but it deserved a mention. My Life Organized uses small steps to take you from planning to doing. It even makes it seem simple.

The app also takes an outline that you input and gives you a list of action items. It tells you what is immediate or urgent, and what to do next. This app takes it to the next level by tracking your location and alerting you of what needs to be accomplished at your current location.

Need to go to the store? Enter the list and be alerted when you pull in to the parking lot of what is left on your list! How handy is that? Even better you can organize the categories to fit your life.

If you run a business, household, or just have a few things that need to be done it works to deliver on what you need.

4. SyncBackFree

SyncBackFree is software that backs up all of your files, restores them, and synchronizes them too. It is easy to use and can save you hours of moving files from one device to another. Instead place everything into your profile and then restore on another device.

If you have one device that is more organized, use this to update your others instead of spending hours organizing or sorting through files and documents. SyncBackFree is a great tool for anyone who uses more than one device. But it’s just as valuable to simply have your data backed up rather than spending time trying to recover it when something bad has happened.

5. Use Time Limits to Build Habits

That’s right, an old method that requires only a timer! Whenever you start a task, give yourself a time limit. Then keep that time limit whenever you do that task.

Some people enjoy seeing things to completion whenever they take on a task. However, in the world of time management that isn’t always a luxury.

Are there dishes in the sink and dinner still needs to be done? Take ten minutes to do dishes. Then give yourself another when you have time to spare during preparing dinner. Maybe you have a lot of data entry work to do, take it on in fifteen-minute bursts to challenge your productivity!

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