How Pro features work

Time Slot Features

  1. Create Event Types.
  2. Add Events as Time Slots.
  3. Share with Clients via email, sms and direct link to the slot or your calendar.
  4. Clients Book Time Slots.
  5. Booking notification and calendar invites sent.
  6. Reminder Alerts sent before event.

Video Slot Features

  1. Create Video Event Types.
  2. Clients Book Video Slots.
  3. Clients Post a Video for Review.
  4. Analyze video with zoom & playback speed adjustments.
  5. Mark-up the video and post analysis into the chat.
  6. Post a custom video response or select a video from your library to post.
  7. Chat with the client. 
  8. Mark as "completed" when done.

Video Subscription Features

  1. Upload videos to your "video library".
  2. Add "tags" to each video.
  3. Create custom video subscription "channels" for clients to watch your videos.
  4. Select video "tags" to include in the subscription.
  5. All videos with the matching tag become available for view in the subscription.
  6. Set expiration and/or renewal for subscription.
  7. Share with customers to get booked.
  8. New videos with matching "tag" instantly become available in the customers video subscription channel.

Video Program Features

  1. Upload videos to your "video library".
  2. Add "tags" to each video.
  3. Set a sequence of videos for the program.
  4. Include PDF documents with each program step.
  5. Customers watch the video program and sequence and mark when complete.
  6. Set expiration and/or renewal for the program.
  7. Share with customers to get booked.
  8. Track customer program progress.

Package Features

  1. Create Custom "Packages"
  2. Include any combination of Time Slots, Video Slots & Products in the package.
  3. Set "credit" limits per event and product type added in the package.
  4. Set expiration and/or automatic renewals for each package.
  5. Customers use package credits to book the eligible time slots, video slots and/or products.


  1. Create products
  2. Add product inventory to your online store.
  3. Include photos & videos of the product.
  4. Purchase options include cash, credit card or package credits.
  5. Send updates on order status and tracking information.
  6. Mark as complete when delivery is successful.