how customer features work

Time Slots Features

  1. View Pro's Calendar and/or Time Slot list.
  2. Check the Pro's availability without having to call or text.
  3. Book the Pro with 1-click! 

VIDEO Slots 

  1. Buy a Video Slot
  2.  Upload your video for the pro to review.
  3. Include chat messages with the your video.
  4. Review the pro's feedback on your video.
  5. Watch pro video responses.

VIDEO Subscriptions 

  1. Buy a Video Subscription
  2.  Watch all videos included in the subscription.
  3. Auto-renew to get the latest videos added by the Pro to the subscription.

VIDEO Programs

  1. Buy a Video Program
  2.  Watch each video in the program and mark as complete when finished.
  3. Watch the next video in sequence or go back and watch a previous video if unlocked by pro.
  4. Download PDF documents included in the program.


  1. Buy "Packages"
  2. Use credits to book from the combination of Time Slots, Video Slots & Products in the package as added by the pro.
  3. Renew or cancel package subscriptions.

Product Store

  1. Shop the pro's online product store.
  2. Purchase options include cash, credit card or package credits.
  3. Get updates on order status and tracking information.